Bellamy: An inspiration to all

The Half-time Whistle doesn’t mind admitting that we’re midly in love with Bellamy.  Not the eccentric much-loved botanist who, as far as we’re aware, has never swung a golf-club at Chris Packham’s legs, or called David Attenbrough “shit and useless”.  But Craig Bellamy has, albeit with John-Arne Riise and Fabio Cannavaro respectively.  We’re almost certain that Craig Bellamy hasn’t randomly attacked wildlife TV show hosts.

Craig Bellamy is a man who is never afraid to tell us what he thinks.  And in a world of bland personalities and media training, we bless him for that.  We think of him as the Anti-Michael Owen.  Or anti-Alan Shearer if you will.  We first realised how much we admired him when reports surfaced of his sledging of Fabio Cannavaro in the Wales v Italy qualifier which Wales won 2-1.  During the game Bellamy was said to have been taunting Cannavaro all game by saying “I heard you were supposed to be good, but you’re shit you are.  You’re useless”.  Brilliant.

And, given all of Bellamy’s troubles (assaulting women, rumours of a fight with a charity worker in Sierra Leone, etc) it takes a special someone to be character assassinated by Bellamy.  Step forward Brave John Terry.  Bellamy’s comments after the Battle of the Bridge last season were refreshingly honest and, let’s face it, what we all wanted to hear.  Text messages to Shearer, throwing chairs at coaches, this is the mark of a man who’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

He’s partial to a sing-song as well, as John Arne Riise’s legs found out – via the medium of golf clubs – during a Liverpool FC karaoke session.

Bellamy: partial to golf and karaoke.  At the same time, presumably.

Bellamy: partial to golf and karaoke. At the same time, presumably.

But with all his strifes aside, Bellamy has done a decent thing and snubbed Premier League clubs such as Stoke to move to his hometown club Cardiff.  Make no mistake: this will be a difficult season for him.  The Championship is a competitive league with some good teams complete with well-organised defences.  It’s unlikely he’ll be scoring hattricks every week as some Cardiff fans seem to think will happen.

But we’d like to wish Mr Bellamy all the best.  It would be nice if this started a bit of a trend.  For what it’s worth, we’d also like to see Paul Scholes completing tidy passes at Oldham and Robert Green dropping clangers at Woking FC.  And if more of these transfers can cause chairmen to go batshit mental like Motherwell’s John Boyle, then so much the better.

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2 Responses to Bellamy: An inspiration to all

  1. And there was so much more to add, but we forgot: his post-match interview after Wales lost 2-0 to Cardiff (blisteringly honest, and amusing at the same time), his comments about Coventry (unfair, but funny), getting sent off for headbutting someone almost twice his height, etc, etc.

  2. And punching a Man United fan. Nothing against United fans, but we have a problem against pitch invaders which will be blogged about at the next FA Cup game/end of season game.

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